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WebSite Virtual Assistant 

Answers from your website 24/7



Putting Experience
to Work

THFchat has worked in the web business for over 15 years.  We have customers from utility companies, municipalities,  associations,  churches, schools, chiropractors, CPAs, Lawyers, small businesses and more.  

We can have you up and running in 2 hours!!!!  We can take all your web information and load it into our solution.   

Once we load and test the Chatbot.  We load on your website and it starts answering questions.  


Instead of  your customers looking thru hundreds of webpages to find an answer to their question our Chatbots helps answer those  questions 24/7 in seconds.

The chatbots can work with 1-30 customers at a time even on the weekends.   

You will find success over your lifetime is a moving target - Todd


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